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About Us

Welcome to On a Bicycle, a bicycle blog written by Paul Power, Director of the

This is a personal blog sharing some views, information and thoughts on all things cycling. I have a particular interest in bicycles as a form of transport as opposed to any sports related usage. So if you’re somebody who rides as part of a racing team or cycling club, it’s unlikely you’ll find much of interest here. However, if like myself, you’re into riding a bike as a form of transport and for cycle touring, then I hope you’ll find this blog useful and informative.

Although my bicycle shop specializes in Dutch Bikes and Electric assisted bicycles, I ride all sorts of bikes and this blog will not be exclusive to Dutch and Ebikes. I also hope to post some features on electric bikes which hopefully will be useful for anyone looking to buy one.

I currently ride a 3 Speed Dutch bike for most of my town bike riding – this being the bike I rode from Land’s End to John O Groat’s in 2006. It’s a beautiful bicycle and attracts much favourable attention when it’s parked outside my shop in Littlehampton.

For most of my other riding, I ride a Raleigh Road bike. It’s a fairly basic road bicycle, which was left over from our bike hire fleet when we closed this area of business a couple of years ago. I love riding it and it’s the bike I now ride most of my bike mileage on including my cycle tours.

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