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I love all things bicycle and cycling – with the exception of cycle racing. My main focus for my blog will be on every-day cycling. I see a bicycle as not only a great way to get outdoors and help with fitness and health, but just as importantly, a form of transport.

Here in the UK over 80% of all car journeys are for 4 miles or less. Could you imagine the impact on traffic congestion if even a small number of car drivers would use a bicycle for their shorter journeys? It wouldn’t take much and not only would it improve air quality and make our towns, villages and cities safer and more enjoyable places to live, but also our mental and physical health would be improved.

Join me on my musings, which will inlcude some of my favourite top tips for buying new and used bikes, choosing an electric assist bike and how those returning to cycling can better ride on today’s busy roads.

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